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Japanese Kit Kats: The Hype is Real

While my husband and I were honeymooning in Japan, we made it our goal—no, our obsession—to collect every flavor of Kit Kat bar in sight. We ventured out of our way to stores said to offer large selections of Kit … Continue reading

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The World Choc-Cup Taste-Off!

Once every four years, an epic battle takes place between the nations of the world. Or at least six nations. In Queens. Which country will earn the title for the best mass-produced milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts? Whose chocolate is … Continue reading

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Australian Tim Tams: A Primer

Tim Tams are cult-cookies made by the Australian brand Arnott’s. Although they boast an impressive line-up of chocolate cream, chocolate malted biscuits, and chocolate coating, Tim Tams are remarkably average when eaten as-is. The true magic happens when they are dipped into hot liquid. This is … Continue reading

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