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Mamey In All Its Glorious Forms

Once upon a time there was a scruffy, egg-shaped fruit whose sweet and mushy interior suggested an unlikely union of yam and avocado. The giant, oblong seed of this fruit was nestled into a pot of deceased African daisies in Queens, whence … Continue reading

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My Brush with Borojó: Latin America’s Repugnant Aphrodisiac

As I have already admitted, I have a bit of a tropical fruit fetish. Still, I never expected that I would ever have the opportunity to take my smoothie predilections to a more literal level. Until I met borojó. Borojó is a fruit indigenous to the rain forests of Central … Continue reading

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Cacao Fruit Smoothie & the Wonders of Frozen Pulp

I’ll admit it: I am a smoothie addict. But as any addict knows, in order to keep things fresh one must constantly up the ante. Strawberry and banana are child’s play. Blueberries and yogurt? I laugh! Cue the tropical fruits.  … Continue reading

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