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My Brush with Borojó: Latin America’s Repugnant Aphrodisiac

As I have already admitted, I have a bit of a tropical fruit fetish. Still, I never expected that I would ever have the opportunity to take my smoothie predilections to a more literal level. Until I met borojó. Borojó is a fruit indigenous to the rain forests of Central … Continue reading

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Lo Han Guo AKA Monk Fruit: So Sweet, it’s Wrong

My husband likes balls. Chewy balls, creamy balls, fuzzy balls, and now, hard balls filled with dried pods. Should I be concerned? Lo Han Guo is the Chinese name for Monk Fruit, a super-sweet fruit indigenous to China and Thailand. Recently, monk … Continue reading

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Miracle-Cure Mondays: Ayurvedic Chyawanprash Spread

Usually, food products containing 80 unfamiliar ingredients are not those we consider to be healthy. (Take, for example, the Twinkie, which contains a measly 37 ingredients.) With Indian Chyawanprash spread, however, this is not the case. Chyawanprash is a popular … Continue reading

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Miracle-Cure Mondays: Will Korean Rose Vinegar Make You Beautiful?

Welcome to Miracle-Cure Monday, a weekly column that explores the global phenomenon of edibles marketed for their supposed health benefits. To begin, let’s start off with South Korea — a country home to some of the world’s healthiest and most image-conscious consumers. To say … Continue reading

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