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Get Your Gochujang On

And now, for a long overdue topic: Gochujang. Gochujang is a quintessential Korean chili paste used for sauces, soups, and courageous veggie dipping. Like Sriracha, it makes everything taste spicier and, well, better. Unlike Sriracha, it’s sweet, thick, and actually used in Asia. For spice-lovers, gochujang … Continue reading

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Japanese Kit Kats: The Hype is Real

While my husband and I were honeymooning in Japan, we made it our goal—no, our obsession—to collect every flavor of Kit Kat bar in sight. We ventured out of our way to stores said to offer large selections of Kit … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Afghan Grocery Haul

There are a few things you should know about Afghanistan. First of all, geographically (and in many ways culturally) speaking, Afghanistan is not part of the Middle East. It is in Central Asia. As such, its cuisine is most similar … Continue reading

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Lo Han Guo AKA Monk Fruit: So Sweet, it’s Wrong

My husband likes balls. Chewy balls, creamy balls, fuzzy balls, and now, hard balls filled with dried pods. Should I be concerned? Lo Han Guo is the Chinese name for Monk Fruit, a super-sweet fruit indigenous to China and Thailand. Recently, monk … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Konbu Dashi for Fish-Free Miso Soup

For those of us who do not eat fish (or simply hate it, as I do), Japanese cuisine can seem difficult to navigate. Dashi, or bonito fish stock, is found in almost everything, from tofu dishes, to pickles, to the ubiquitous … Continue reading

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Miracle-Cure Mondays: Will Korean Rose Vinegar Make You Beautiful?

Welcome to Miracle-Cure Monday, a weekly column that explores the global phenomenon of edibles marketed for their supposed health benefits. To begin, let’s start off with South Korea — a country home to some of the world’s healthiest and most image-conscious consumers. To say … Continue reading

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