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Get Your Gochujang On

And now, for a long overdue topic: Gochujang. Gochujang is a quintessential Korean chili paste used for sauces, soups, and courageous veggie dipping. Like Sriracha, it makes everything taste spicier and, well, better. Unlike Sriracha, it’s sweet, thick, and actually used in Asia. For spice-lovers, gochujang … Continue reading

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Tajín Seasoning: Most Definitely Not a Candy

Please pardon my absence — I was in Mexico for a month! While I was there, one of my favorite street snacks was also one of the simplest: a big cup of fresh fruit and/or vegetables smothered in chili and lime juice. Although I … Continue reading

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Adventures in Ethnocentric Dairy: Crema Edition

We all know that New York City is home to a sizable population of immigrants from Mexico and Central America. What we don’t know is why each one of these diasporas has their own variety of sour cream: I have long been … Continue reading

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Mamey In All Its Glorious Forms

Once upon a time there was a scruffy, egg-shaped fruit whose sweet and mushy interior suggested an unlikely union of yam and avocado. The giant, oblong seed of this fruit was nestled into a pot of deceased African daisies in Queens, whence … Continue reading

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My Brush with Borojó: Latin America’s Repugnant Aphrodisiac

As I have already admitted, I have a bit of a tropical fruit fetish. Still, I never expected that I would ever have the opportunity to take my smoothie predilections to a more literal level. Until I met borojó. Borojó is a fruit indigenous to the rain forests of Central … Continue reading

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Khmeli-Suneli: The Queen of Georgian Spices

If you’ve never tried Georgian food, you’re missing out. This tiny country has long been known throughout the former-Soviet region for its stellar national cuisine. Suitable for both meat lovers and veggie fiends, Georgian food is often found overflowing with … Continue reading

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My Husband Tries Cat Food… And Likes It (Video!)

To cut to the chase, my husband wanted to conduct a taste test of canned wet cat food. Just, uh… watch the video… and check out more photos after the jump!

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