My Brush with Borojó: Latin America’s Repugnant Aphrodisiac

As I have already admitted, I have a bit of a tropical fruit fetish. Still, I never expected that I would ever have the opportunity to take my smoothie predilections to a more literal level. Until I met borojó.


Borojó is a fruit indigenous to the rain forests of Central and South America, where it is known by locals as “nature’s Viagra.” In liquid form, borojó is also called jugo del amor — love juice.

Naturally, I had to make my own love juice.

As per usual, I purchased the fruit as a frozen pulp. This particular brand hails from Colombia and offers a large variety of frozen fruits.

Borojo frozen

The flavor of unadulterated borojó is reminiscent of tamarind — sweet and slightly savory with a hint of rottenness. Not too bad, I thought.

I was wrong.

borojo smoothie

Not a turn-on.

Blended with milk, the borojó’s pungent flavor took a turn for the worst. The aroma now reminded me of VINYL, like that of an inflatable pool raft just taken out of its package for the first time. Not sexy.

As I found this mixture too disgusting to drink, I cannot comment on its efficacy as an aphrodisiac. (Which is probably a good thing.) Next time, I plan on diluting the borojó with other fruits while listening to Marvin Gaye.

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6 Responses to My Brush with Borojó: Latin America’s Repugnant Aphrodisiac

  1. HM says:

    Marvin Gaye – hilarious!


  2. HM says:

    How about doing an entry comparing aphrodisiac foods from various countries? I’m curious as to what plants, etc. are supposed to have those properties and if there’s any common denominator. Perhaps, the intrepid husband could be the guinea pig?


  3. Enrico Basta says:

    HM has a good idea! An Italian friend tells me that pumpkin seeds ‘increase virility’ so that’s one. Oysters are a classic (per Molly Bloom). Wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode featuring mangos? That’ll keep your tropical fruit theme going. And even if you don’t do a test of efficacy, it would be interesting to see what different countries thought were the aphrodisiac foods. There’s some crazy country where wives feed their husbands cat food, I’ve been told.

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  4. HM says:

    I just saw this thread. I think intrepid husband should make his own decisions here. We don’t need gory details, just a general idea about what works.


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