Japanese Kit Kats: The Hype is Real

Japanese Kit Kats

While my husband and I were honeymooning in Japan, we made it our goal—no, our obsession—to collect every flavor of Kit Kat bar in sight. We ventured out of our way to stores said to offer large selections of Kit Kats. We peered at every newsstand in hopes of a rogue Kit Kat flavor. We arrived early and waited in line at the esteemed Kit Kat Chocolatory boutique in Tokyo.

Japanese Kit Kat Haul

Our original haul. 17 different flavors of Kit Kats.

The beauty of Japanese Kit Kats is that there are: 1. Regional flavors only available in certain areas, and 2. Rotating flavors that change every season.

That said, in our sampling of Kit Kats, there emerged clear winners and losers.


Sakura Matcha, Hochija, and Kyoto Matcha

Sakura Matcha, Hojicha, and Kyoto Matcha

Kyoto Matcha — as opposed to the regular matcha (green tea) flavor, this edition is only available in Kyoto and boasts a richer green tea flavor. Also delicious was the limited edition Kyoto Hojicha flavor: roasted green tea. While the color may look unappetizing, this flavor is amazing when paired with a hot cup of hojicha tea! Lastly, from the Tokyo Chocolatory store: Sakura Matcha— cherry blossom green tea. Pretty much everything we tasted with this flavor was delectable — ice cream, mochi, etc.


Adzuki Bean Sandwich and Purple Potato (Taro). For the record, I love red bean and taro desserts as much as the next person, but these two flavors just do not translate well into candy. The red bean is the worst. With a base of regular chocolate and an off-putting beany flavor, this Kit Kat tastes like a dusty carob bar left over from the 1970s. As for the purple potato, I didn’t feel that the taro’s delicate, vanilla-like flavor came across. It just tasted like sugar water.

Taro and Red Bean Kit Kats

Just say NO to Taro and Red Bean flavored Kit Kats.

So there you have it. Although I don’t think we will be returning to Japan soon, we still have a bag of “bakeable” Kit Kat bars from Tokyo which need to be tested out! Stay tuned.

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5 Responses to Japanese Kit Kats: The Hype is Real

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  2. Enrico Basta says:

    How do the regular ones from Japan compare to regular ones from the States?

    If you are accepting requests, I hope you get a chance to review the various flavors of “Pocky”, those chocolate-coated cookie sticks. They have a ton of flavors now (my local large Asian grocery has 4 or 5), plus knock-offs, and some of them look intriguing.

    You might have to go on another trip to Japan, though, to get the full range.

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    • Well, I’d say the Japanese ones are much better due to the variety! Candy bars in the U.S. are pretty low quality, as well.

      Definitely accepting requests, and a Pocky review sounds great! I see Pocky in many Asian stores, so I don’t think it would be too difficult to procure a few varieties. Korea also has their own version, Pepero, which is pretty good.

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  3. maryseeo says:

    I love Asian candy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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