Cacao Fruit Smoothie & the Wonders of Frozen Pulp

I’ll admit it: I am a smoothie addict. But as any addict knows, in order to keep things fresh one must constantly up the ante. Strawberry and banana are child’s play. Blueberries and yogurt? I laugh!

Cue the tropical fruits. 

Cacao  Fruit Pulp

Making exotic smoothies is ridiculously easy thanks to Latin America’s exported frozen fruit. Some come in individual portions, others in flat frozen sheets of pulp, yet others in their whole fruit form. Thanks to these Brazilian babies, I have been exposed to countless fruits I have never heard of, let alone could expect to find fresh: cupuacu, soursop, acerola, mamey, lucuma, lulo, and curuba, to name a few. And now… CACAO FRUIT!

Frozen cacao fruit

I had no idea what to expect. Chocolate comes from the seeds of the cacao plant, but what about its flesh? Speaking of flesh, cacao fruit is the exact same shade as my hand. Compared to my hand, however, cacao fruit is much sweeter, stickier, and more syrupy. I checked.

Anyway, the Cacao-Co-Lada Smoothie was born. 

Cacao fruit smoothie

Incidentally, also the same color as IKEA’s birch veneer side tables.

Cacao-Co-Lada Smoothie


100 grams frozen cacao fruit

100 grams frozen shredded coconut (unsweetened)

1 banana

2/3 cup milk (I used unsweetened almond) 

A few ice cubes

Directions: BLEND.

The result was milky and sweet, with a subtle fruity flavor from the anemic-looking cacao. Something tells me kids would love this smoothie. Also, man-children.

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3 Responses to Cacao Fruit Smoothie & the Wonders of Frozen Pulp

  1. Juliana Piccillo says:

    I must have this. Is it available online or …. for people who live in the boonies.


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