Australian Tim Tams: A Primer

Tim Tams are cult-cookies made by the Australian brand Arnott’s. Although they boast an impressive line-up of chocolate cream, chocolate malted biscuits, and chocolate coating, Tim Tams are remarkably average when eaten as-is. The true magic happens when they are dipped into hot liquid.

This is called a Tim Tam Slam

Dark chocolate Tim Tams

T is for Tim Tam

How it works: Prepare yourself a hot beverage. Recommended: hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. Daintily bite off two opposite corners of the Tim Tam. You will be sucking the liquid through these corners like a straw. 

Tim Tam Slam

The world’s most ineffective straw

Next comes the delicate part. Dunk one end into the hot liquid and slowly suck through the exposed top corner. As soon as you feel the liquid reach your lips, remove the Tim Tam from the drink and slam it into your mouth-hole. Revel in the explosion of chocolatey goo that has been activated. 

Seriously, the porous malted biscuits and cream melt into a veritable chocolate Vesuvius.

Where to find: If you are lucky enough to live in the Oceania region or in Asia, you can find Tim Tams in a variety of flavors: white, alcoholic, dark, and even crack. 

In the U.S., Arnott’s has teamed up with Pepperidge Farm to sell Americanized Tim Tams at select Target and Cost Plus locations. However, true connoisseurs claim they are inferior to the Aussie version.

In NYC, you can buy original Tim Tams at the Israeli Holyland Market in the East Village (at rather unholy prices).

As a last resort, you may have more luck finding British McVities Penguin Biscuits, which are similar in form and function to Tim Tams. While less profound, they offer rookies a chance to perfect their slamming technique before stepping onto the pro’s court. 

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