Miracle-Cure Mondays: Will Korean Rose Vinegar Make You Beautiful?

Welcome to Miracle-Cure Monday, a weekly column that explores the global phenomenon of edibles marketed for their supposed health benefits.

To begin, let’s start off with South Korea — a country home to some of the world’s healthiest and most image-conscious consumers. To say that South Korea is a nation obsessed with beautiful appearances would be an understatement. One in five women in South Korea has had plastic surgery, and even the men have been known to slather on BB cream.

But what if surgery and makeup aren’t your jam? Have no fear – Korean drinking vinegar is here!

KARA endorsement for pomegranate vinegar drink

The K-pop group KARA endorses pomegranate vinegar for glowing skin and a trim physique. Image source: Model Press, http://mdpr.jp/021167838

Given that I am a fan of both vinegar and vanity, I was hopelessly romanced by this pouch of “rose vinegar” I spotted while shopping in Tokyo’s Koreatown. 

Korean rose drinking vinegar

Rose Vinegar: For Beautiful Women.

According to the manufacturer, this product is:

– Premium quality without artificial additives and flavors

– Undiluted solution of edible rose 

– Good for beauty

glass of Korean drinking vinegar

Drink away your ugliness

While I certainly tasted vinegar and rose, the predominant flavor of this beverage was, unfortunately, sugar. At least 126 calories worth, according to the package. Since I don’t know Korean, the exact proportions remain unclear, however I would venture to say that this particular drink would do one’s looks more harm than good. Of course, you could dilute it with water, however I imagine that the delicate notes of rose and vinegar would quickly disappear. 

I’ll be on the lookout for stronger and less cloying vinegars. Luckily, in addition to Korean grocers like Hmart, you can now find pomegranate vinegar at select Trader Joe’s!

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2 Responses to Miracle-Cure Mondays: Will Korean Rose Vinegar Make You Beautiful?

  1. diydumpling says:

    You’re probably better off making a toner with vinegar rather than drinking this odd drink…


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